Tooth Jewellery in Coimbatore

What is Tooth Jewel?

Dental Jewel is a tooth accessory to enhance your smile. With a painless procedure, our dentist fixes a tooth jewel on the tooth surface. The jewel does not damage tooth tissues and will increase the charm for your smile. The tooth jewellery procedure is non-invasive and non-harmful to your enamel. You need professional help to do this procedure. The cost of the tooth jewellery depends on the quality of the jewel used. Generally, its less expensive and non-painful.

How Long Tooth Jewellery Last?

A Tooth jewellery which is applied by the dental professionals on a natural tooth will remain on until you choose to have it removed again. It can last for couple of years.

Is tooth jewel comfortable?

Yes, Teeth jewellery is very comfortable and doesn’t have any disturbance or adverse effect.

Does The Jewel Impede Brushing?

No, the presence of the jewel won’t have any effect on your routine dental cleaning and flossing process.

Is removal of tooth jewel difficult?

Your dental processional will remove the dental jewel in couple of minutes. It’s a non-invasive procedure and absolutely non-painful. It shall not cause any harm to your teeth.

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