Tooth Crown & Dental Bridges in Coimbatore

Beautiful, natural looking and durable crowns can be the perfect solution for damaged or missing teeth.
Want to know more about crowns and bridges ? We have answered some of the most common questions in this post.

What are dental bridges ?

Bridges and crowns are fixed solution to your missing teeth. Crowns are used most commonly to entirely cover or “cap” a damaged tooth or cover an implant.There are many different materials that the crown is made of.

Where can be dental crown & bridges be used?

Crowns and bridges can be used as a replacement for broken teeth,damaged teeth ,fall or trauma ,mobile teeth , missing teeth etc.

What are the different types of materials in crowns & bridges?

There are different types of crowns and lot of advancements have been a breakthrough to provide the most naturally looking Ceramic crown for the front teeth.Ceramic crowns,Ceramic veneers ,lumineers ,3M lava crowns,Zirconia crowns are the best crown for the front teeth because of its esthetics and naturality.Purely the cost of the porcelain crowns,Ceramic crown,Zirconia crown, dental bridges are based on the quality of the material and the technology used.

How long do they last ?

Basically it depends on the quality you choose .With the latest advancements in dental materials ,there are crowns which last from 15 years to a lifetime.

Whats the alternative to Dental bridges?

Its either the Implants or dentures.

What’s the cost of crown?

Mainly depends on the quality of the ceramic and type of crown you choose ranging from Rs 3000-30000/-

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